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We’ll take care of your IT infrastructure – so you can get back to business. Our managed services reduce cost, manage complexity and optimise performance.

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Source IT services as and when you need them. Tap into the cloud and gain the flexibility and scalability to adapt fast to changing business conditions.

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The business environment is constantly advancing. You need to ensure that your phone system can keep up whilst remaining cost effective and hassle free.

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Lower Costs

Enjoy high quality voice services whilst keeping your servicing expenses and cost of ownership remaining very low. Switching to our Hosted PBX system is a no brainer.

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It is great to work with a partner who can understand not only our technical needs, but our business needs as well.


Maloney’s head of IT, Chris Preece

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LSU was founded in 1861 by the Sisters of La Sainte Union who are its Trustees. The congregation has a long tradition in education both at home and abroad. Inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ, La Sainte Union offers a broad and balanced curriculum where pupils are enabled to fulfil their potential. Pupils are […]

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Meloney Metalcraft

90 days and counting… A newly divested company. An exciting future. An immediate IT challenge: build an enterprise-grade infrastructure – from the ground up – in three months. A closing widow of opportunit As part of a global business Walsall-based Maloney Metalcraft had relied on its US parent for its IT infrastructure and applications for […]

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