Lea Manor School

Posted on: 8th Aug 2014

Lea Manor School is located in Northwell Drive, Luton. It is a hard-working, happy and energetic school. The staff and governing body consist of people who are committed to working in partnership for the benefit of the school and its students. Their purpose is to ensure an education which promotes Learning for Life and provides all our pupils with the skills and confidence to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.


Business Challenge

Lea Manor commissioned NTS to redesign and implement a new centrally managed wireless network, they had a 1st generation 3Com wireless network, which was good in it’s day but was struggling to meet the high density of users that had been added to the wireless cloud over the years; Subsequently becoming unreliable, and unable to meet the demand placed upon it.

Technical Challenge

Lea Manor school wanted a full campus-wide Wireless LAN that was able to support approximately 200 concurrent users located throughout the wireless cloud. There was a requirement for Student, Staff and Guest network access to be managed separately, under different security policies.

Following the customers brief NTS engineers conducted a thorough wireless site survey, checking for conflicting networks in the area, and to establish the optimum location for access points within the building, these findings were then reported to Lea Manor School with a wireless report, detailing the expected data rates in each corner of each room throughout the school. The Cisco Wireless LAN architecture installed by NTS was based on the Cisco 4402 Wireless LAN controller & Cisco 1131AG access point running in light weight mode. The controller allows Lea Manor School’s technical team to view all the Access Points current status in 1 place, in real time and push out new software updates from a single source. It also provides management for each access point independently without needing to visit its physical location.

The Lea Manor Technical Team are now able to roll out new SSIDs change network encryption keys and numerous other settings in one place which is then pushed to the 25 Access points by the controller. This centralized management ensures that it is easy to administer and change as the school requires.


The Lea Manor School now has a highly robust fully secured Wireless LAN which has 3 separate SSIDs available from each of the access points which is segmented with its own VLAN & Access Control List providing different security policies.


The school now has vastly improved ICT lessons, where the children are free to use PDAs and laptops wherever they choose. The questions “will I get coverage” and “Does the wireless work in there” no longer exists; it’s there when they need it every time.