Hosted PBX for Business

The hassle free, cost effective cloud VoIP system.


Remain Competitive

In today’s world, the business environment is constantly advancing. You need to ensure that your phone system can keep up whilst remaining cost effective, hassle free and high quality.

Our Hosted PBX solution is resilient and feature rich, you can even use your mobile as your desk phone.


Significantly Lower Costs

Enjoy high quality voice services and save money at the same time. Switching to our Hosted PBX system is a no brainer.

With free local and national calls, no capital investment, plus no hardware being required results in your servicing expenses and cost of ownership remaining very low.


No Hassle, No Worries

No need for any in-house technical expertise. Our system includes call logging, and disaster recovery as standard, as well as number retention.

With no geographical restrictions, and long distance cost control, the scalability is endless. Keeping your business competitive in the marketplace.

NTS Cloud Hosted Telephony Systems

As business environments change, so does the way we communicate. Telephone service is becoming much more than a dial tone. Employees are demanding extensive features such as the ability to transition seamlessly between desk phone and mobile.

Traditionally, these features are extremely expensive for an on-premises phone system. These costly systems require dedicated data centre space, endless equipment, overpriced desk phones, and extensive wiring to connect to the local carrier.

This is why organisations are switching to our cloud based hosted telephony to eliminate on-site hardware and maintenance.

Our hosted telephony platforms are feature rich, resilient, and easily scalable. It is not hard to see why organisations are taking on our hosted telephony solutions.

Our hosted PBX platforms offer quite the list of benefits including but not limited to:

✔   FREE 30-day trial

✔   FREE installation

✔   Introductory handset offer

✔   No hardware and very low servicing costs

✔   No geographical restrictions

✔   No growth limitations

✔   No need for in-house technical expertise.

✔   Disaster recovery

✔   Mobile integration (use your mobile as your desk phone)

✔   Call logging

✔   Soft phone (click to dial)

✔   Free local and national calls

✔   User mobility

✔   Scalability

✔   Business continuity

✔   Voice quality

✔   Long distance cost control

✔   Number retention

The switch from an on-premises phone system to an NTS hosted PBX is a no brainer. With no capital investment, and significantly lower costs of ownership, your organisation can still enjoy quality voice services as well as an abundance of value added service that keeps your business competitive in the marketplace. The business environment is constantly changing; you need to make sure your phone system can keep up.