Data Centre Solutions

Our data centre solutions are designed to deliver all the availability, efficiency and scalability you need – while reducing the operational headache and risk. But what are the benefits to and NTS data centre solution?

✔   Thoroughly Efficient

✔   Designed to deliver all the scalability you need

✔   Automate key functions of your data centre

✔   Optimised for agility and innovation

✔   Simplify your IT resources

✔   Reduce your outages

✔   Built within a flexible cloud infrastructure

✔   Simplify your network administration

We’ll plan, design and automate the key functions of your data centre, building a platform that’s optimised for agility and innovation – and perfectly aligned to your business imperatives.

All our solutions are engineered to support next-generation data centre services. So you can take advantage of server virtualisation and consolidation to simplify the provisioning of IT resources, improve uptime and reduce outages – or transform your data centre into a flexible cloud infrastructure.

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Creating a converged SAN/LAN network infrastructure, we’ll simplify your network administration and allow you to do more with less
– generating significant cost savings along the way:

FlexPod DataCentre

Pre configured, pre tested integrated platform solutions like FlexPod Datacentre bring networking, servers and storage together to increase business agility while reducing operational expense.

Ideal for medium and large enterprises requiring an efficient, highly secure and scalable infrastructure, FlexPod is the perfect platform for turning your data centre into a private cloud.

FlexPod Express

For small and medium sized enterprises, FlexPod Express offers simplified setup and use, plus an interface to public cloud services. And, because fewer IT resources are needed to manage a virtualised infrastructure, FlexPod reduces the number of devices you’ll need to purchase, cable and power.

FlexPod is comprised of key technologies from our partners Cisco, NetApp and VMware.


Cisco UCS unifies the infrastructure, reducing the number of management points for the network.


Cisco Nexus switches provide the power to run the data centre with the required high availability and performance


NetApp storage uses thin provisioning and deduplication technologies to offer storage that can run at 90% efficiency, compared to the usual 10%


VMware’s Service and Desktop virtualisation increases the efficiency of your NetApp storage.